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Business type: Manufacturer
Business type: Exporter,
Number of employees: Brak danych
Annual sales value: Brak danych
Established year: 1989

Security & Protection

Computer Hardware & Software

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WIBU-SYSTEMS AG (WIBU®) was founded in 1989 by Oliver Winzenried and Marcellus Buchheit. Since its debut Wibu-Systems has been revolutionizing the international scene with security technological innovations. The patented product portfolio offers digital asset, intellectual property and integrity protection against piracy, reverse-engineering and code tampering. The broad and award-winning range of Wibu-Systems solutions is unique and covers application fields from computers to mobile, from embedded automation to cloud computing, from SaaS to virtualized models.

Address data

Street:Rüppurrer Strasse 52-54
Postal code:76137
Phone: +49 721 931720
Fax: +49 721 9317222


Contact person

Name and Surname: Daniela Previtali
Phone: +49 721 931720
Mobile: +49 721931720
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